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Why using an AquaLyna Boar Bristle Brush is beneficial for your hair extensions

AquaLyna Boar Bristle Brush for Hair Extensions and Hair Treatment

When it comes to caring for our extensions anything that will help maintain our extensions integrity is a must. Maintaining them correctly will keep them shiny, hydrated, and will make them last longer.

One thing you can use to do this is use the AquaLyna Boar Bristle brush.  This brush comes in two sizes, one big one and a small one for your purse.  This brush has two types of bristles. One for de tangling that are a longer bristle with no ball attached to make sure it doesn’t get caught in the top of your hair extensions. The other bristle is shorter and made of boar. This is going to give your hair shine by evenly distributing your hairs natural oils.  This brush can be used during styling because it is heat resistant or on the go with the smaller option.

How do I brush my hair with hair extensions? 

When you brush your hair you want to make sure you are starting from your ends and working up. This will help you remove the tangles without creating a matte through the ends. It is easier if you separate your hair into smaller sections from the start. This will allow you to make sure you are brushing through every section carefully. So once you section the hair, spray some Aqua Leave in conditioner in each section. This will make brushing through it so much easier while also helping your hair stay hydrated. When working with the section that has the extension in it make sure you are not snagging the top of the weft or top of extension base. This is especially important if you have hand tied extensions because if they get snagged or ripped they will break and unravel. The fact that the AquaLyna boar bristle brush doesn’t have balls on the end of the bristles does help prevent this.

How often should I brush my hair? 

At minimum two times a day once in the morning and once at night. I also recommend  brushing after any physical activity or time spend outside especially if it was windy. It wont hurt your hair to brush it through the day too.

Is there ever a time I shouldn’t brush my hair? 

Yes , when your hair is wet! Your hair is at its most fragile state when it is wet. It. Is stretchy and breaks much easier than when it is dry. If you have to grab a comb and Aqua leave in conditioner to comb through it but don’t brush through it.

The boar bristle brush is going to help benefit your hair extensions by being a consistent method of keeping the hair healthy. While making styling and de tangling easier on you!