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How many grams do I need for hair extensions?

How many grams do I need for hair extensions?

What are grams?

Grams are the weight of the hair. The higher the grams the more hair you have and the density will be thicker.

What happens if you have too many grams of hair put in?

There is such a thing as too much hair! I know it's crazy right! If you have too much hair added it won’t blend correctly and you won’t be able to hide the extensions properly. It can also cause damage by putting too much weight on your natural hair.

What happens if I don’t have enough grams of hair?

If you don’t have enough grams added your hair won’t blend especially at the ends of your hair there will be a shelf effect to it and that just doesn’t look right!

How do I know it’s going to be enough?

One of the great things with Aqualyna is our hair comes packaged with 140 grams - 320 grams of hair depending on the length you order so to determine how much you need here’s a few questions to ask yourself:

Do I have fine, medium,or thick hair?

Fine hair - you won’t need as much hair to blend and make a noticeable difference and you may not even need all 7 pieces to complete the look.

Medium hair - medium density is easy to blend so as long as your placement is good you might have to have your top layer texturized.

Thick hair - with thick hair you might need more hair to blend in the thickness especially if you are adding length. You might need to have a stylist texturize or layer your hair so it isn’t too blunt or thick on the ends. More than likely one pack of extensions is still enough but make sure you give yourself time just in case you have to order more hair before a special event.

What hair extension look are you going for?

You have to determine the look you are going for. Are you looking to add thickness, length, color, maybe all three? If it’s thickness you are going for you probably want to order a length that is close to your natural hair length. If you want to add length to your hair make sure you will be able to blend it with your natural hair. If you have a blunt chin length bob it’s harder to blend that particular cut the longer the extensions are. It’s not impossible but you will probably have to get some layers in your natural hair and possibly the extensions too. As always make sure you go to a stylist to get the cut done. If you are looking to add some color I recommend looking at our duo tones or balayage colors for a great blend. You can also get all three of these by ordering longer hair.

How do I decide the length to order for my hair extensions?

We have a variety of lengths to choose from so when determining what is best for you I recommend getting a flexible measuring tape and measuring from the temple down to see what the length would look like on you then check behind your ear too because these will be the longest pieces when you apply the extensions. Keep in mind if you curl the hair it’s length will shrink a little. Plus any formal styles like braids will make it shrink in length too.

Once you've measured and are happy with the length, feel free to place your order, and get ready for beautiful, celeb-worthy hair!